we know there is a better way

Why do some behaviors seem so intractable? Why do some health problems linger for decades? Maybe it’s because we haven’t been approaching them right.

For generations, behavior change campaigns have been left in the hands of marketing companies for lack of a better fit. This means formative research is generally lacking, so there is no measure of baseline attitudes. Ad agency personnel are generally not trained academic researchers. There is rarely a reliance on behavior theory. Post-testing is virtually non-existent. And, there’s little information available to know what to do the next time funds become available. So, campaigns are created, budgets are spent, and no one really knows whether the campaign was successful or not. Then, eventually, another RFP is issued, and the process starts all over again. Meanwhile, the original problem continues to affect lives and fortunes. We have witnessed this process countless times. We created Associates in Behavior Change to correct this.